My Sex Experience with Japanese Escorts

Japanese escorts

I always wanted to enjoy oriental sex. But, I wasn’t lucky to meet an oriental girl that was willing to have sex with me. However, I recently came across a website with beautiful Japanese escorts. Like most men, I was skeptical about going on a date with companions that advertise their services online. But, I decided to give it a shot.

I booked a model that looked extremely beautiful on her photos. Her profile said that she could provide all types of sex including anal and oral. So, I was confident that I would get the experience I was yearning for once I meet her.

The Appointment

I booked an appointment with the girl and we agreed to meet in a hotel room downtown. Though I have an apartment where I live alone, I decided to meet her in a hotel room for security reasons. We met in the afternoon because I wanted to head home after the appointment. Before leaving my apartment, I took a shower, shove my beards and balls, and put on a nice attire and cologne.

I arrived at the hotel room before the appointment time to ensure that everything was okay. After checking out everything, I lied on my hotel room bed waiting for my companions. And just as agreed, I heard a knock at the door at the exactly agreed on time. On opening the door, I saw more than I expected. The model was exemplary beautiful. She looked like she had just landed on earth from the outer space. She put on an attire that made he sexually appealing.

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